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Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance  testing is done with a Vega testing machine. The Vega machine is an electronic devise that measures your resistance to foods.

Initial Consultation

Before the test starts there is an in depth consultation involving any symptoms you have, your normal eating patterns and your diet.

 What does Food Intolerance Testing involve?

The process is painless, and there are no needles involved. You will be asked to hold a metal probe in one hand and lay your other hand palm up on a table. As each food or drink substance is added to the machine a probe will be pushed down on your finger or hand. The machine indicates whether or not there is a resistance to the substance. Individual substances are added separately, and then if necessary a combination is added, depending on your diet and the results from your Food Intolerance Testing. You will be given a handout with the results for the Food Intolerance Testing and the Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency Testing. This is accompanied by an advice sheet offering nutritional advice as well as supplement and/or remedy advice. The whole session lasts an hour and a half. 

Food Intolerance Testing - over 100 foods tested. 

All the major food groups are tested. These include vegetables, fruits, grains (including wheat), dairy, eggs, meat, fish, shellfish. Some of the common food additives and preservatives are also tested. Drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol are included in the testing. 

What can food Intolerance testing help?

Ailments like digestive upsets, irritable bowel, eczema, psoriasis, migraines, weight gain, catarrh problems and low energy can be helped through Food Intolerance Testing. 

Eczema Food Intolerance Testing

A specifically designed test for eczema has been created to test for a number of foods typically known to aggravate eczema in some cases.  For example cow's milk, citrus fruit, eggs and wheat. This test is shorter than the full testing and lasts about three quarters of an hour.

Mineral / Vitamin deficiencies
Some imbalances in the body can be because of deficiencies in minerals or vitamins. Due to over farming of the soil in the last 70 years, many of us who eat a healthy diet are not actually getting the essential minerals and vitamins we need for a healthy system as the food itself is depleted. Some foods like refined sugar actually strip the body of some essential vitamin and minerals.

Recurring infections, lack of energy, menstrual imbalances, unhealthy skin/hair/nails can often be a manifestation of a deficiency. Many people seem to take many weeks to recover from a flu, tummy bug or even a cold. This is may be due to a deficiency.

There is no additional cost for mineral / vitamin deficiencies testing, as it is included in the Food Intolerance Testing.