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 Jill Morrison BSc, Dip Hom.

Hello, I am Jill Morrison, founder and owner of Nature's Solutions, Stirling, Scotland. I run the shop and clinic with the help of my mother (thanks mum!).

Jill Morrison

I became involved with Homeopathy in my early 20s when I became ill near the end of my studies at Edinburgh University, Scotland in the early 90s. Having not benefited at all from conventional treatment, I eventually sought treatment from a Homeopath.  

I was amazed at the difference even after a few months of treatment. I was converted; this natural medicine really does work!! Having been helped a great deal by Homeopathy myself, I decided to embark on studying Homeopathy. I began a 4-year course in Classical Homeopathy at the Edinburgh College of Homeopathy (Scotland) in 1995 and graduated in 1999. I have over 20 years of experience in Homeopathy.

In 2006 I became interested in Food Intolerance Testing, and trained in using the Vega Machine. The Vega Machine has expanded and enhanced my training by helping people to address their diet and giving advice on changes. Many people now want to take control of their health through their diet and feel empowered by this, quickly noticing the results of their improved health within themselves.